Salsa Music

Image                   Salsa music is a lively Latin American music genre that has captivated audiences worldwide. Many think salsa is just fast music, but salsa also incorporates other sounds such as drums and percussion. Salsa is a form of expression that uses rhythm, percussion and seamless melodies to create a rich and dynamic sound. The word salsa comes from the Spanish word for sausage- a reference to the rapid dance movements in which the dancers engaged. Salsa music evolved from Cuban jazz, which was heavily influenced by the American big band era. Over time, musicians incorporated other musical styles into their compositions, resulting in modern salsa. Salsa music is an eclectic fusion of various genres such as mambo, cha, tango and bolero. The most popular component of modern salsa is the cumbia rhythm, which originated in Colombia and Venezuela. Other common rhythms include conga, bongo and bomba. In addition to traditional instruments such a